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Know The Tricks To Reduce Webpage Load Time : Beginner Friendly

Know The Tricks To Reduce Webpage Load Time : Beginner Friendly

If you have a niche for online shopping, then you definitely know the importance of time. Yes, time taken for loading a shopping site is a driving factor to decide if we are going to stick to that website or not.

Now, if you are on the other side of the picture, the seller, than it is very important for you to understand why webpage loading time plays a major role for your conversion rates and view count. If you are a beginner into the field of online shoppers and ecommerce, these tricks and tips will be beneficial. Without further ado, let’s look forward…

  • The first and foremost thing to do is check the current speed of your website. Well, in that case we have ample free friends to help in this regard. Google’s PageSpeed Insight, Pingdom, GTmetrix and Yahoo YSlow are few tools which gives an idea of the current speed of your website.
  • Pictures take a great deal of time to load and optimizing pictures in the webpage helps to a great extent. If you think resizing your website images to HTML helps in optimizing your images, well buddy, then you are wrong. Resizing to HTML only helps change the appearance, not the actual size.

Try out these tools for image optimization (even if you are not a naive!)-

  • in
  • Online Image Optimizer
  • JPEG & PNG stripper
  • Super GIF

Removing unnecessary plugins will help you increase your webpage load time. And as we intend the post to beginners, it is possible that as a beginner, you will add all attractive plugins and increase page load time as well.

  • Content Delivery Network or CDN as they are commonly known as scatters your website into a number of servers across the internet. How this helps is, when a person requests to see your website, the server which is nearest to the user responds to the request. Since the data is closer to the user, it will automatically load faster. Major web giants use CDN to optimise web performance.

Some popular CDN are-

  • Max CDN
  • Cloud Flare
  • Amazon Cloud Front
  • Incapsula

The end note is no one of us likes to wait for a webpage to load like a snail and as a beginner in e-commerce and web design, it is very important to know how to optimize things in design. As we all know, there are many designers but there are very few good designers. I hope this post was pretty fulfilling to our new designer friends.


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